Official Google Tag Manager Template - Honest-Metrics

This page contains the official documentation of the template created for convenient placement of the required Honest-Metrics code on the site.

Template page in GTM gallery:

Template page on github:

Input data:

- 'siteId' Site ID, which can be obtained in your Honest-Metrics account. Represents a positive integer. Required field.


- 'injectScript (url, onSuccess, onFailure [, cacheToken])' Adds a script tag to the page to asynchronously load the provided URL. Callbacks are in the form of function instances wrapped in JavaScript function calls.

- 'encodeUriComponent (str)' Returns an encoded uniform resource identifier (URI) with escaped special characters. The returned string is the result of encoding the resulting string into a URI format.


- 'injects scripts' Allows you to upload only the script of the Honest-Metrics service to the site.

Required triggers:

- 'All Pages' For the monitoring script to work on all pages of the target site.


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