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Our best-in-class AI-based software protects you from click fraud and low-quality traffic, saving you lots of advertising (PPC) costs.

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Clickfraud ends here

Competitors, bots and click farms are clicking on your ads and harming your business. Research has shown that 1 out of every 4 clicks is fraudulent, costing business billions of dollars each year.

HonestMetrics is an advanced and effective automated click fraud protection tool, helping you to protect your Google Ads budget by avoiding and instantly blocking click fraud activity.

Our software applies machine learning algorithms that take into account 184 different factors to produce a “human score” in real time for your incoming traffic.

What bad clicks do you get?


If you are in a competitive business with high-value keywords, it may be the case that competitors are clicking your ads to max out your budget.


In some cases clickbots can and will be used to attack your ads in an automated way. There are various types of clickbots in terms of how advanced they are, and many are not even detected by Google Ads.


Clickfarms are companies that employ many people who are operating multiple devices to do one thing only: watching and clicking ads all day long.

Are you getting fake traffic?

What we do


Our machine learning algorithms are trained on an on-going basis to analyse your traffic. Improve your conversion rates by identifying what traffic converts, and what traffic is wasteful.


Our system detects bad traffic, and provides you with fully automated tools to prevent money-wasting clicks from happening.


We’re verified by the Google’s API team to connect our system with your Google Ads and block fraudulent or low-quality traffic from clicking your ads.

All-in-one platform

AI-powered Engine

The software combines all features described above, allowing you to detect, analyze, and stop bad traffic from wasting your advertising budget.

Our system is powered by artificial intelligence as it uses deep learning techniques to improve itself continuously, and is automated to implement these learnings in real-time to identify the latest threats.

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No more bad clicks

Detect clickfraud

Our analytics dashboard gives you a full overview of what bad clicks you are getting, and also how advanced they are. We classify threats in a reporting feature for deeper insights.

Protect your Ads

Fully automated protection

Google has certified our software to connect with their API. You can connect your Google Ads and we are able to prevent bad actors from being shown ads, so they can’t click them.

Are bots disrupting your ads?

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