By marketeers. For marketeers.

Key features

Our platform consists of two main features: an analytics component to help you detect bad traffic, i.e.
fraudulent clicks and low-converting traffic, and a blocking component
to help you prevent that traffic from seeing and clicking your ads.

Step 1: Analyze


Our analytics dashboard shows your traffic, it’s origins, and most importantly, the percentage of your traffic which are bots.

Some of the parameters we use to identify bots :

  • Mouse movement.
  • Substitute of browser
  • Changing the timezone
  • Using certain proxies, VPN, residential IPs
  • Using IPs of certain data centers
  • Use of virtual machines

We use proprietary machine learning algorithms to learn from large sets of fingerprint-parameters, in order to detect new threats.

Get insights

Get detailed insights in the types of bots that are roaming around your website.

  • Which are fraudulent, and which are good bots?
  • How advanced are they, with what threat levels?
  • What traffic is human, but doesn’t add commercial value?
  • What are the bots’ main channel sources (Google, Facebook, etc)?
  • What are the main keywords being abused?

Step 2: Block

Filter bad traffic

After connecting with Google Ads, you’ll be able to set filters for certain types of traffic that you have identified in the analytics dashboard.

This will lead to these types of traffic not being shown ads, saving you money.

Prevent phishing & parsing

Block the bots before they even access your website in real time to avoid content theft, phishing attacks, fake registration, parsers.

Be in control who get access to your website.